Sunday, June 21, 2009

Grace's Big Day

Last Dance ClassRehearsal on Friday night, which did not go too well. I didnt explain things fully to her, she thought we were leaving her. She wrapped her little hands around my neck and was not letting go. She did get up on stage but didnt do alot. On the way back to get her clothes, I step off the stage entrace onto what I thought was a step, NO, really hurt my foot, Saturday night, we had to wait with her until 15 minutes before show time. It was a packed house, Standing Room only and there were people standing.Sorry the pics I took of her onstage didnt turn out that well. But she did SO well. She lost her place twice, but she knows the dance and did a beautiful job.
As you can tell, her Daddy thought she did a great job.

Happy Fathers Day Paul Ray!


Teresa =) said...

ADORABLE! Now that Meggie has danced on the stage at Disney (twice) and in New York City, recital doesn't hold the magic for her that it used to. Such a shame...that is when it really was all about fun.

Thanks for sharing those pics!

Teresa =)

wingepr said...

New York, wow, I sure hope Grace loves Dancing as much!

Carrie said...

I love it!