Sunday, May 17, 2009

Update of Life

So my dear hubby says this afternoon (he, Grace and I were sitting on the sofa) (and this isn't the first time he has said it) I think we need someone for Grace to play with. 10 years ago, I may have jumped for joy, but, huh, hello NO thank you! First off, we'll be paying off the first adoption for some time to come, second off, he will age out in December, and 3rd, my health is not the best. Can you see me trying to keep up with two. Anyway Grace was sitting there, and she got SO upset. The poor thing, she said, "I thought you wanted me". It took some time to assure her she is the only princess at our house. I think three kids are enough, and come March, I'll have four when my oldest gets married. Jeeze I'm getting old.
Grace took pictures for her upcoming dance recital. I'll post those when we get them.
That leaves us with PaulPaul. I'm so stressed, it is NOT funny, we wont know until the end IF he is going graduate with his class. His teacher is not allowing any extra work or allowing him to makeup any missed work. So it is not looking good. So I have a box of invitations just sitting here. Cant plan anything, don't know what to do!
Paul Ray and I are taking Grace to the mountains this summer, I was hoping to go meet all my blogging friends when they get together, but that happens to be the week my boss is out of town, so I wont be able to do that.
Anyway, we're going to Maggie Valley and then to Gatlinburg. Should be a fun time.
Face Book - If you haven't found this yet, let me tell you, it can be addictive. It's hard to keep up with everything. How did we live without all of our electronic toys before.
And if you missed the horse race yesterday, you missed an awesome race. I cant wait to see the top two horses meet up at the Belmont.
Hope you have a great Week~!!!!!!! Weekends are not long enough.


Donna said...

My husband's best friend has family in Maggie Valley, I hear it's beautiful! I'm not sure how Lainey would react to another one coming into our house, either :)

Brandon said...

oh lord, you hurt the childs feelings mom! That is sad though, I hope she gest the point now. Also maggie valley? Ah you should have told me woman, I got the hook up! Rememer how we went to NC for a wedding? My friends dad owns cabins out there. You coulda got a good deal. They arent very luxurious...but its a cabin. It has shower, 2 rooms, wi-fi, small tv, wood burning fireplace.

thats the base model, there are upgrades i believe. email me about it if ou'd like

Ash said...

Ohhh, are you sure,.. not even just one more little princess is in your future? Have you seen all little cuties on CCAI's list? I just know they are calling for you. An almost 6 year old, & a 7 year old, awhhh precious... they are so very pretty little girls, and Are you really sure?? Not just one more? LOL. Take care and many blessings to your big heart and family already. Thanks for sharing,
ccai friend :o)