Saturday, January 1, 2011

Welcome 2011

Well another year is here, they seem to go so fast, faster each year.   So many things are changing, my boys are both grown, my oldest is married.   I'm looking forward to them starting their own little family ONE day.  We were lucky enough to have them here with us for Christmas eve and Christmas morning again this year.  Both my boys were gone for Thanksgiving.  Grace is growing like a weed.   She started piano lessons this past year (and is doing great), she cheered and continues to take dance lessons.  Never a dull moment with her around.

As every year comes to an end and a new one approaches, I make my resolutions as most people do, and then I don't keep them.
I'm going to try and do better this year.  But here they are:
1. Read the bible in a year, there is a program (or a layout, I should say) that gives you certain things to read each day   This is my biggest goal, I hope to stick with it and finish this up next December.   Here is the link if you'd like to join me,  Click Here
2. Next, I really need to loose some weight and just be healthier.  forget I have 2 meds that help ADD weight.
3. I want to let things go that bother me, people that don't want to be in our lives, just not worry about it.  Not deal with the drama.   I wont put myself in those positions anymore, or my daughter.  Its not fair to us.
4. Get more involved - in anything, something
5. Go to church more regularly, get Grace involved.   She has always set with us at church, even though she goes to school there.  weird I know.
6. In general, just be a better me!

Well I have a ton of work to do now!   I hope that you have a very Wonderful New Year and I pray that  God blesses you in this year.   I also pray that all my new found friends that are waiting to travel to bring their little ones hope have a safe journey.   Wouldn't it be awesome, if every child had a loving parent.   I remember reading in the paper a few weeks ago about the young mother who watched and allowed her son to be hurt hanging in a closet by other kids.  I sat and cried, I don't understand how anyone could hurt an innocent child.   I know I got sidetracked there.  

God Bless and much love


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