Saturday, January 1, 2011

More of December

getting ready for cheer-leading at the varsity game

Go Generals

Ashlee Gail and the JV Fort Dorchester Patriots

Christmas Dance Recital

Mom had to work, so dad went to her Christmas Party

Ashlee Gail Dressed her! nuff said

how does she look as a blond

Compton Christmas Breakfast, Lynds fixing the adults a hot toddie

Grace singing at church

Kissing mommy goodbye as she goes for her first sleepover
Paul Ray and I were given tickets to a Panthers Football game, since we were leaving early, we let Grace have her very first sleep over.  she did great!!!!  until we we called late Sunday and she heard my voice.  Bad Move on my part, but other than that, she had a great time.  I know I dont have to worry about her when she is with Ash and Aunt Bonny

Uncle Chickenhead

Princess getting ready for the parade

Clarise waiting to see Grace come by on the CA Generals float

Grace's dance studio was also in it

saying goodbye till next year to her elf

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