Thursday, June 10, 2010

Happy Birthday Gracie Girl

My Gracie Girl, we've celebrated a third birthday with you. Yet it seems so strange that you are SIX years old. On this day, I cant help but think of the ones who loved you first. First your birth mother, and then your foster family. They helped make you, the person you are today. As I tuck you in tonight, (yes its 10 pm and you're still up - bad mama) I'll give you a extra hug because I know they cant.

You, my precious little girl are truly a gift of God, I know it was his perfect plan that you are here today. Its my wish for you, that you never ever doubt that you belong here and just how much you are loved.

I have less than a handful of pictures of your life before it began with us. I feel as if I'm missing something, so those that I have I will always treasure.

Just how sweet is this face and look at those cheeks.
You have been such a blessing. You are such a Daddy's Girl, I do believe his sun sets and rises with you my love. Oh how you have changed him.

Your first birthday with us 4

and your brother, lately you have been calling him BROTHER instead of his name, you two are two of a kind. You two pick at each other all day, but he will always have your back. No need to worry about that.

Your second birthday 5
Your finished your first year of school, which you absolutely loved. You would go all year long and not complain. Your had the most wonderful teacher this year, (another of Gods wonderful gifts) and you made lots of new friends. You danced your first year at home, you did a little cheering with the school cheerleaders (The Jr Generals) and you have just started piano lessons. You are usually an outgoing loving child, but sometimes you get so very quiet and you clam up and wont say a word. I worry about what you are thinking. You are still sleeping with your daddy and me most nights, but that's OK, I've learned how to put a pillow in between you and myself. You are usually snuggled up with your daddy. You go to work with me three days a week and you go to Ashlee Gail the other two days. She has taught you the fine art of copying me and I must say, I'm not liking it. You learned to count in German, and Spanish this year. The only part of the Chinese language you have is counting to 6, but I hope that one day you will want to pick that back up. Because of you, we've made lots of new friends in the adoption world. You were in Brandon and Lyndsey wedding, and you were such a beautiful flower girl. You love seeing them. You've only been on summer break two weeks and you're already asking when do you go to the 5 class (K5).

So my dear Gracie Girl, always know that your momma loves you all the way to the Heaven back to China and all the way to Moncks Corner.

Your third birthday with us 6


nikimac said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY : )......what a beautiful girl!!

Annie said...

Happy Birthday Grace!!! She is just beautiful Peggy!!