Monday, June 21, 2010

Grace's 6th birthday FINALLY

And lets begin with they are so NOT in any order, Sorry!!!

She had a wonderful birthday, we were so glad some of her class was able to come, we live a little out there! We also had a very special friend we've made through the adoption process and even her teacher, who Miss Grace just adores to no end. I was lucky enough that my Ashlee girl came and helped me get everything ready! Thank you so much.

She was beyond tired.

Our dear friend Sara and her youngest son, he is so cute. Her others were still outside, it was VERY hot that day.
Grace and her daddy
Grace and Ms. Wendy
I look rough, I know, my oldest starting squirting me and then the younger ones started!
My dear Daughter in law

Grace's princess jewelry box cake
My girl Ashlee Gail

You can not image how fast 300 water balloons went, I mean really, it was crazy.
Grace was not fond of the slide at all.
Stop hiding that pretty face

Good thing I got one pic before they wet me.

The kids seem to love the slideOur goodie bags (or buckets) filled with treats and a balloon. Only bad thing was all the ballons had tangled with each other. It was a good thought though.

slip and slide, Grace was like ok, now what do i do.

Ashee did a wonderful job on putting these together.
maybe I'll get my manchilds 21st posted soon!


Kristin said...

What a fun summertime birthday!! Happy birthday Grace!

Teresa =) said...

Oh, Happy Birthday Grace!! That party looked like SUPER fun!!

Peggy, I can't believe you know Sara and her crew...we thought we were gonna travel with them when they got Jack and we were headed to get Carson, but they got to China a few months before us. We have visited with them a couple of times (once in our town, once in theirs) and it shocked me to see Sara and Jack on your blog!!

Anyway, you sure know how to throw a shindig...looked like a blast for all!!

Teresa =)