Friday, March 5, 2010

My First Born

Your very first picture. I was in labor for 48 hours before you finally decided to come out and join us. Your papa nicknamed you ET that day. You taught me so much. Mostly you showed me how much one person could love someone. You spent your first Christmas and New Years in the hospital, we would spend lots on times in a hospital. I love that has you grew into this tiny 8 year old, I never got a chance to ask the doctors questions, because you were always ahead of me asking them. They were never allowed to touch you until they explained it all to you. I loved that.
Your first picture with Santa

First Easter Bunny

First Candy Apple

Your first birthday


My Wedding to Paul Ray

Your first cruise

Middle school band
You and Kyle at Band Night

So Handsome

You changed out of your Band uniform so that you could escort Devan at the homecoming game.

Me and You at one of the many band competitions. I miss watching you march and going to Friday night football games.

You were never a hunter, but it is a cute picture.

You met him on the first cruise, he was from NY and his mother actually put him on a train to our house fora week and wanted to know when you could visit, sorry I dont think so.

Your second cruise

We took the train to Miami, WHAT were we thinking!

I made this poster for the parade, they changed the time and I didn't make it, remember.

One of my favorite pictures.

Your first place

Larry Brandon, I am so proud of the man you have become. I am honored to be your mom. Over the years you have provided me with many laughs, tears, frustration and joy, that I will treasure always. As you start a new begining always know that my love will go with you. I am so happy for your and Lyndsey.
All my love,


Kristin said...

How sweet! I am so excited for you all. Can't wait for the pictures.

The Sharp Family said...

Peg, thanks for sharing this with me. I cannot belive how fast time flies. Just thinking of Elias growing up just makes me want to cry. What a good momma you are :) Lucky lucky Brandon :) I cant wait to see pictures from the wedding :)

nikimac said...

Peggy....what a wonderful post!!