Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Gotcha Number 2

Our first glimpse of you

Two years ago today in an orphanage in China, this beautiful little girl with a brave heart was placed in my arms. We knew we loved you before that day, but nothing could prepare us for the love that we felt in that moment. It didn't matter that I didn't give birth to you, I loved you just the same. You turned your daddy's world upside down, and in just a few hours, I knew he would never be the same. Its my hope for you, that you never have any doubts, fears or worries. God's perfect plan took place that day, you are where you belong, this is your FOREVER home, and you are our baby girl.

You gave your daddy the first smile, and you closed your eyes for the first time for a nap safely in your daddy's lap

One Year Gotcha Day 2009

2 Year Gotcha 2010

It was my plan to have Chinese like last year,however the dear hubby thought differently. We had steak in stead, and I actually had all 4 of my kids there. I am so truly blessed.

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