Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Happy Birthday Paul Ray

I'm WAY behind in posting! The dear hubby turned the big 50 last month. 2 weeks before his birthday we had a surprise party for him. He thought we were having one for his baby brother who turned 30 on the 2nd. He thought his job was to get his brother to our house. It was funny, when they walked in the door, he stood to the side so Chris could go first and Chris went in the dining room so Paul Ray could go first. It took him a few minutes to realize it was his party. I think a good time was had by all I must say he had a much harder time turning 40 than he did with 50. And he was already forewarned, he is only allowed one midlife crisis in his time and he had already had it.

Wish the pictures were in order, but sorry, its too late to try and do all that. This is towards the end of the night.

how can something so cute have such an attitude towards his Aunt Peggy. Paul Rays Aunt Barbara

a little happy juice makes it all better

Paul Rays Aunt Bonnie and Uncle David came down from Myrtle Beach, we are so glad they were able to make it.
Grandaddy (Paul's dad)

Here he is trying to figure it all out. Grace had just told him Happy Birthday, he said Well Thank You, it was about that time that he saw the Happy 50th Birthday sign!

Erin is having a little happy juice as well, she only had the one since she was driving I wonder what stories they are telling.

Such a daddys girl

his first entrance

The cake was wonderful, maybe we should have put 50 candles on it.

I think he had just told me NO

Hope you had a wonderful birthday Paul Ray. And to all of our December birthdays: Grandaddy, Paul Ray, Chris and Noah. Whew, not to mention that Christopher starts it in November, then Hunter in January, Payton and my Daddy in February, we get a break in March, then Adam in April.

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