Sunday, January 1, 2012


Well we were lucky that the owners of the colt were willing to keep him until we were ready.  They are great people, we refer to them as the horse ladies!

Paul wanted them to come home, when he came home from the hospital.   Mind you, the man had a walker to walk with, was in extreme pain with tubes, etc STILL attached!  He came home on Wednesday (even though I thought he should stay longer, I was afraid I'd do something and make things worse), the HorseS came home on Sunday.  It was a great day. 

I've learn to feed horses and do all sorts of things.  Truth be told, I love it.   Grace gave us dance and for a while piano for horses.   Where did my girly girl go.  This colt, born in April, was as beautiful as could be, and as wild as he was beautiful. 

The Big Day! Everyone was there, very exciting.

Theres, Candy - that's momma

And there he is...Ridin on Cloud Nine

walking the property

waiting , just waiting.....the girl has had no fear!

How beautiful.  

one of the kids had my camera. good pic - Erin and Donna

Hunter Boy

Paul Paul with his first experience with a horse.  

my Cloudy Boy doing what he does best

Mom, I'm just going to lay here in our hay!
This baby is something!   My dad comes down and works with him alot.   He has knocked my daddy down.  He has bitten many of people, he is about broke of that.   Pauls brother Chris got his knew hurt working with him.   You wouldn't think something that cute and small could be so powerful.   Let me tell you, that is one Strong Horse!!!!!   I could not watch it.   I did look outside my window one day just in time to see Cloud rearing up at my daddy (whose vision is VERY Poor).   I'm happy to report, that our boy has come a long way.   He will usually walk with you, and do very well.   I love just looking at him.   And he loves kisses on his nose.  Such a sweetie

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