Saturday, December 31, 2011

Riding on Cloud Nine........

Last Halloween (2010) we took Grace to the mountains, she wore a Cowgirl Outfit.

That somehow started a love affair of horses????????????  I'm trying to remember when she actually fell in love with them.  Anyway, she started asking for a horse for Christmas, now come on, what child does not want a horse for Christmas.  I had a pony as a child, and I can remember playing with her for hours at a time.  I have great memories.  Anyway, I remember asking for another one in the 7th grade maybe - I got a go-cart!!!!!!!  Anyhoo.  Paul Ray had a couple of horses before I met him.  So when Grace started asking for a horse, I could see that little thing in his head start spinning.  Here we are on 20 acres of land, and he has a chance to get a horse.   So he starts looking around, we came across a website that had this horse that caught his eye.  To me, it looked like he was straight from the move Avatar!  Well he had to go out of town, he calls me to send him the link, I'm thinking, what is he doing, this is a colt that cant be rode for at least 2 years, not to mention, Paul Ray is not as young as he was when he had horses before.   Then he asks if I would call and see if we could LOOK at the horse.  Now let me stop here, Paul Ray, NEVER NEVER makes a rush decision, this man drives me insane, he has to think about it long and hard, did I say long.  So I make the appointment, we're riding out, he turns to me and says, we are just going to look, got it.   yeah I got it, at this point, I still wasn't on that band wagon.  His man stands looking at this colt, (he was 7 months at the time) for an hour, 6o minutes people.   I didn't think we were going to leave.  The next morning, not even 24 hours, THIS IS A RECORD, he says, I think we should get this horse.   I mean he was hooked.

Don't you see Avatar?
So, we had to see if she'd hold him for a month while we got our property ready.   Now we only have 2 acres cleared, so 1 acres was going to be the pasture.   Now that was work.   The three of us, even my Gracie girl who for the first 3 years hated to go outside, worked to get it ready.   We got a little help from Paul Paul, but he likes to leave when he knows there is work to be done.  Cant say I blame him, we're talking a lot of posts that had to be put in the ground.  We were using post hold diggers.  It was hard work, but it felt good to get it done.  Cloud and his  mom, Candy (she was going to stay so that he wouldn't be alone and get used to the new place) were due to arrive on Sunday, November 6th.  My parents had helped us run the ropes for the fence that week, so everything was ready except for putting the hot box on the post and hooking it up..  things were looking good.  Saturday, the 5th would be the first day off in a while that we didn't have to work.  It was going to be a good weekend.

To be continued - takes a whole new story of its own.

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