Tuesday, December 7, 2010

December does keep us busy

and tonight it was a Christmas Blessing at CA.  And What a Blessing it Was!  I truly enjoyed every minute.

The skirt was perfect, Thank you Tammy so much

Some of the kids from the High School performed, and they ROCK!  They are awesome.

And This!!!!!  It gets me every time.  It brings me to tears and reminds me just how lucky I am.  My baby girl born and lived for the first 3.5 years of her life in a county that most do not know or believe in God.  My girl sings with her hand raised in praise.  God just continues to work awesome wonders.

 This is Mr. Brown, Head Master or Principle, which ever you perfer.  You would think the Little's would be scared of such a tall man with a strong voice, but anytime I see him approach a child, he is getting a hug.  Such a wonderful sight, it means so much to know that Grace is in such a great place.

Who doesn't love snow?

Next she is cheering at the Varsity Basketball Game.  Saturday is her Christmas Dance Recital, Sunday is the Summerville Parade, she be on the CA float.  The last week of school for the year brings a field trip downtown for a play and a party.   Not to mention we have our work dinner party, our Compton Christmas Breakfast.  Grace will have her first sleepover.  She is back at church that Saturday.  We have Paul Rays birthday, church in Moncks Corner on Thursday, Christmas Eve at Cathedral and somewhere in there, I've got to go to GA to pick up a gift.  Whew, there went the month of December and went it goes the year 2010.   The older I get the faster time goes. 

Merry Christmas, and remember to enjoy the season. 


Teresa =) said...

Oh my...those pics of Grace raising her hand in praise. Amazing. Beautiful. Incredibly moving.

Molly often says, "When I was in China, I didn't know God. But I know God NOW!" Yes, she lost her home culture. But she got God in return. Not a bad exchange, huh.

Wishing your family a wonderful Christmas!

Teresa =)

Carrie said...

On my word that girl is getting so big!!!