Saturday, November 27, 2010

Santa 2010

My mom and I took Grace to see Santa today.  She loves Christmas just like her momma.  She told Santa the following:

I would like a real puppy, a walking puppy, a Tangled Hair Salon and a Training Pup (new to me, not sure what that one is.  There was one more thing and I cant remember what it is.   When we got in the car, she told me I forgot to tell him I wanted the new Tinker Bell movie.  I told her to tell Armando and it would pass it on.  She just now got around to telling her daddy, I told him she wanted one, he keeps saying NO, but I think he is realizing she really wants one, and its not me telling her to say that.   For some reason she didn't want to tell him, she kept saying it will be a surprise, and I was thinking oh, it will be more than that if Santa brings a puppy without daddy's approval.

Her elf (Armando) is back this year, he was here when we got up Thanksgiving morning, she was so very excited to see him and even more excited that he left her a note and told her that he had gotten her letter and delivered it to Santa.

Yesterday was Black Friday, a big tradition here is for the girls to spend the day out.  My alarm went off at 330 am, Grace and I were out the door at 430 and met Aunt Bonny and Ashlee at 5 in Moncks Corner.  We hit the Walmart, then headed to Myrtle Beach, where we hit TWO outlet shops, the Bass Pro Shop, the Mall and Boardwalk at the Beach.    Grace got her annual visit to the Build a Bear workshop.  She got the Reindeer you see in the picture.  She has carried it everywhere.  We stopped at Crackle Barrel for dinner (9:00 it was a LATE dinner) Clarice even got her own highchair.  She loves that things.  Its so cute.  I wish we had  a build a bear here, that would make a nice birthday party.

Merry Christmas

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