Thursday, May 27, 2010

Field Day/Last Day of School

The last day of school was also field day. It was a sad day, hard saying goodbye and knowing that my baby girl is done with her first year of school (K4). She's only been home 2 years, I cant help but feel like I've missed so much in her young life.

God Perfect Plan for this little one certainly involved her teacher this year. Ms. Wendy was certainly sent by God. I was so terrified of sending this sweet little girl off to school. This teacher is the one who tested her before she was accepted, and I remember feeling at ease the day I found out that Grace would be in her class. I never worried about her at school, I knew she was loved and well taken care of. Not only has my little one came away with new friends, she has learned how to read, and has a love for Jesus. It has been an amazing year. She has such a sweet heart and I hope that never changes. Ms. Wendy has made this such a great year. I pray that as she heads off to K5 next year that she continues to love school. She loves to learn, starting next week she'll take piano lessons. I finally found somewhere for her to go. I'm hoping she can then one day teach me. :)

Here she is hard at work. Her class is the busy bees!

She was the prayer partner, talk about sweet, it melts my heart to hear her pray. I've never been one that is able to pray out loud in front of people and here she is, in K4 saying a prayer.
And this little guy is HunTER, say it just like that! Every time I say his name she corrects the way I say it. She LOVES this little guy.

16 sweet little busy bees, they were so excited. 2 K4 and 2 K5 classes, they were so excited, you could just feel it.

Mr. Brown (headmaster) got a pie in the face. The lucky little boy bought in 18 pages of box tops at the end of the year. For each sheet you filled, you got to vote for someone to get the pie in the face.
He is a TALL man, but the kids all love him. It does a mothers heart good to watch the interaction he has with these kids. When Grace would get out of the car in the mornings, if Mr. Brown is outside, he's going to get a hug from Grace. It is so sweet, everyone here is so caring.

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