Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Wedding Announcement

As you know my oldest is getting married next month, still cant believe that. Seems he was just in middle school playing his games and high school in the march bands and skateboarding. That sweet little face, always so kind and worried about everyone elses feelings, yet at the same time, always the first one to cut a joke. Where did the time go, that sweet little boy grew up before my eyes and at the time it seemed like they would never grow up and now looking back, where did the time go. It goes so fast, I thought he'd be the one to stay at home forever, boy did he surprise me, he moved out almost two years ago. Not long after Grace came home. I'm so proud of him and the man he has become. I was so young when I had Brandon, Son always know, you were not planned BUT you WERE ALWAYS LOVED AND WANTED. Never doubt that for one minute, having you, was never a mistake. I know there were times when you thought differently, and at times we were growing up together, but son, I would not change it for one minute. Please know How much I love you and how very PROUD I am of you. God has blessed you. I hope that you and Lyndsey will have a wonderful life together, and when the time comes and you start your own family I know you will be a wonderful father. I love you little boy and I always will.

So what started out as a wedding announcement has left me in tears. Enjoy every minute of every day son.

You can go here to see it: Summerville Journal

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The Sharp Family said...

left me in tears too... that was so beautifully written peg... just beautiful...