Saturday, July 25, 2009

A Little Lady, Her Daddy and a Tractor.

Grace hated our old tractor, it was just too loud for her. Her daddy and PaulPaul left at 9:00 pm Friday night along with a friend a really big trailer.

Grace told him to bring her a small tractor for her. They arrived back home
shortly after 8:00 pm tonight. They drove nonstop to Ohio and back.

Needless to say, she was thrilled to see her Daddy. She was disappointed there was not a small tractor (this is a Big tractor). However once he cranked it and realized how quiet it was, she decided it was her turn.

So Grace now has a pretty red tractor. Hopefully I'll have a really nice yard soon.

At this moment the man child is still out riding the tractor in the dark. His dad told him that after tonight he is not allowed on it until he reads the entire manual. This could be interesting. I think I also heard him say something about washing and waxing it. Good Grief, its a TRACTOR!!!!!! I think PaulPaul is over the fact that its NOT GREEN!

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Carrie said...

yes that is too loud!!!