Friday, November 9, 2012

Somewhere Inbetween

In profiling Chinese adoptees in contemporary America, Linda Goldstein Knowlton's (THE WORLD ACCORDING TO SESAME STREET) deeply moving documentary illustrates that even the most specific of experiences can be universally relatable. Of the roughly 80,000 girls who have been adopted from China since 1989—a decade after China implemented its One Child Policy—the film intimately follows four teenagers: Haley, Jenna, Ann, and Fang. These four wise-beyond-their-years, yet typical American teens, reveal a heartbreaking sense of selfawareness as they attempt to answer the uniquely human question, “Who am I?” They meet and bond with other adoptees, some journey back to China to reconnect with the culture, and some reach out to the orphaned girls left behind. In their own ways, all attempt to make sense of their complex identities. Issues of belonging, race, and gender are brought to life through these articulate subjects, who approach life with honesty and open hearts.

A must see Movie
Presented by Peggy Winge

Somewhere Between

Monday, December 10, 7:30pm - 9:28pm

inCharleston, SCatCarmike James Island 8$10.00

Reserve your seats now.  We must have 87 guest confirmed!

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

This world we live in

We seem to live in a very scary time, and a very scary place.  I remember being a child, and not having a worry in the world.  It wasn't That long ago.   We went to school, and if there was an occasional fight, it was with words and fists.  I don't remember in my childhood or time in school did anyone ever bring a gun to school.  If God forbid we lost a student, it was from a car accident or something of that nature.  I can remember being in middle school staying with my aunt and uncle in town, and walking the streets of Moncks Corner with my best friend.  When you heard of kids missing or being killed, it wasn't here, it wasn't home.  I find myself sitting here with a very heavy heart.  What has this world come to?  We've removed God from so much of our lives, he's been taken out of the public school and government, how much more can we take.   How much more can we as humans take.
I woke up Monday morning to learn of two girls missing from this small town, I don't know them, never met them, but its touched me in a major way.  They are someones daughter, someones granddaughter, and someones niece!  I can not begin to image as a mother, not having my child come home.  I've lost a niece and that was hard, very hard, and she was not murdered.  As a mother, I don't know that I would have survived, I don't know that I could get up every day, I just don't think I could.   My heart aches for this woman that I don't know. 
These two young women had their whole world ahead of them.   When they didn't come home, their parents starting searching.   They started a social page on facebook to get our information.

I watched, I hope and prayed for them.  I hoped for the best.   Yesterday, their car was found burned and not far from it a woman's body.   They released the news today, that it was one of the girls, Dana, the youngest of the two.   That has been on my heart all day.  
The other girl, June is still missing.  I hope and pray that she is found. 
What does it say about our world, that another human being can just dispose of a life so easily.   I don't understand how a person can take a life and then IF they are found and IF they are found guilty, they go to jail - where they received 3 meals a day, medical care, TV, books, AND visits from their family.   I'm sorry but I don't understand how you can take a life and then get to live.  Maybe that makes me cold, I don't know, I just don't understand.

I wish that my daughter could grow up in a world we no longer know.  A world where you don't do harm to someone else.  You help your neighbor, you could sleep with your windows open and your doors unlocked.   Your kids could play in the streets and be safe.   How did we get here?  How did we go from kids being raised with morals, and knowing that if they misbehaved in school they would surely get it when they got home.  Why do the kids today think they are entitled, they don't think they should have to work for anything, they have no manners, and its OK!!!!!!  WHY? and HOW do we fix it, how do we fix this world that we live in?  

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Disney Dream Part 1

I must admit it gets harder and harder to update my blog.   I havent even posted vacation pictures to facebook yet.  There is not enough hours in a day.

We have been counting down to this vacation for two years.  It was almost sad to see the day arrive becuase I knew it would be over just like that, and it was, in the blink of an eye.
We got our toes and nails done... Now Grace asks when she can have another "Panicure" so cute
Ashlee had the cutest nails
We would set sail on Grace's 8th birthday for her very first cruise and our first Disney cruise.   I was hoping she would love it, and by the end of the first day, she was right at home, and having a ball.

Now I should tell you, Grace LOVES staying in a hotel, I think because we spent so many nights in one when we first got her in China.

We left Charleston on Saturday morning, June 9th.  We were meeting some very special people for dinner that night.  Another family we met through adoption.   The two girls from China sat next to each other and it was like they had been friends for years.  It was a wonderful sight.    Carrie and her family were wonderful and we were so glad to finally meet them.  Her kids were so well mannered and were not shy talking to adults, we just loved them.

We stayed at a hotel close to port, you could actually see ships from the windows. The girls (Grace and Ashlee Gail) were very excited.

She's looks happy right!  It hadnt hit her yet, that the day had finally arrived!

But Ashlee got her excited Really Quickly.  Here they are screaming into thier pillows
checking and checking again to make sure we have everything

Grace and Duffy Very Ready

grace and her room key


 Little Miss Stylin ....once we boarded, we had to wait until 1 before we could go to our room, so we changed into swimsuites and headed to the pool
isnt she something

We were in Andy's room (toy story)

My Girls

and Grace's favorite place.....the Mickey pool

This is one cool ride.   All ships need one of these

first dinner

and Ashlee getting Grace hooked on "specialites" drinks!!!!!

and our princess was as usual her daddy carries her

first towel animal.....Grace LOVED it

first stop....Disneys Private Island -
Castaway Cay

I have always, (did I say always) wanted to parasail, Paul would always say no.  So this time, I just booked it, I talked it up to Grace, and got her all excited.

Once we headed to the spot, you could see her changing her mind.

first up, Me and Ashlee
I found I was very nervous - because if something happened, I was responsible for her, not just myself.  And I didnt dare tell her all I could think of as the guy would lower us down was Jaws!!!!!  Really the theme played in my head.

Ready ,  Set,  


Hello down there, HOW HIGH ARE WE GOING TO GO


Over Already!!!!!!

Since Grace wouldnt go, I got to go twice and you know I enjoyed the second time much more, because if we were to fall, I only had to worry about me

He put us Down in the water, it reached my chin...... Hope theres not a shark near by

 My shy child who wont go by herself, came out of her shell, she would walk to the slide by her self Go UP the stairs and come down by herself.  Same thing with the pool.

Look Mom, its a Frog

Lots More to post later.